Taking the plunge…

So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing a blog for a few weeks now.  It’s been a long time since I’ve flexed any of my writing muscles and I’m not even sure there are many of you out there who really care to read my take on everything, or even anything.

That said, I find myself in need of a creative outlet.  I was a journalism major for about two and a half years way back in college (my first college, of five, but that’s for another post), wrote a decent bit for the Press-Republican and Cardinal Points, and have always had an interest in the art of writing.  I ended up leaving journalism in favor of time off to work retail  and eventually getting started on my career in Phys. Ed.  The only real “writing” I’ve done during that time had to do with term papers, and I’m sure we all know that’s not a very fun way to write.

Enter this blog.

This is going to be my soap box to talk about daily life in and out of the gym, movies, books, TV shows, music, video games, family, the joys of being a homeowner, cats, coaching, nieces and nephews, marriage, food, parents, friends, future sons and daughters, sports, stuff, randomness….

…is the blog title starting to make sense?  Everything, etc.

Our lives are so go-go-go sometimes, it’s easy to miss the fun in simple things.  My hope is that this will be a place for us all to appreciate the simple things that exist in our lives, even if it is through the eccentric lens of my brain.

Could I say some things that make you laugh?  Smile? Cry?  Angry?  Annoyed? Confused?  Wonder about my sanity?  Possibly all of those, with the most likely being the latter.  Hopefully though, this will end up being a fun-filled journey for us all.  I don’t anticipate this being a daily update, but imagine there might be times where I go days without posting and times that I post more than once during a particularly eventful day.

So feel free to pipe up and contribute, ask questions, comment, or whatever your little heart desires.  If anything this could serve as a platform for us to communicate more!  I’m looking forward to giving everyone a little snapshot into my weird little mind.  As always, thanks for listening…..or reading….you get it, right?  🙂