It’s that time of year again.  (Actually, the first time of the year period, I guess).  Now that I think about it, we use this expression a lot for a load of different times, don’t we?  When the Valentine’s Day decorations come out before you open your Christmas presents…when the black flies and mosquitoes come out to ruin so many BBQs and bonfires…when you’re a teacher and you go back for those two staff-only days before the first day of school…when Black Friday hits on the morning of Thanksgiving Day (sigh…another blog post)…when you actually have to scrape the ice off of your windshield in the morning, etc.

So to be more specific, the time of year to set our sights on a goal and strive to achieve it.

Somewhat sadly, one of my goals is the same as last year.  (I failed.)  I, like many before me, and quite possibly many of you, want to be healthier.  I seem to have developed the perception of others to view me as the athletic, in-shape, PE teacher.  I am two of those for sure, but that “in-shape” thing is wholly inaccurate.  I definitely need to get running again, but I really want to get myself into some yoga.  I need to be more flexible, more relaxed, more centered, but above-all, more mindful.  Nicolette wants me to tag along for one of her classes, but I find myself leaning towards a more private yoga with myself to start out.  🙂  Any suggestions on some resources for a fledgling yogi?

While I’m definitely concerned with my physical health, I definitely also want to work on the mental and emotional aspects of my health.  Not that I’m mentally ill (these and future blog posts aside) or emotionally incompetent (I like to think I’m very empathetic, sometimes too much so), but I can afford to be a little more aware of my state of feeling in a particular moment.

If you’ve played World of Warcraft (you probably haven’t, and I’m outing myself as a complete and utter nerd right now and you’re probably second-guessing your friendship/association with me) there is a race of humanoid Pandas (have I lost you yet? No?  Wow, thanks for sticking around!) who believe in the harmony of opposites.  When you’re running around with your character doing stuff in the game, it’s common to hear a generic NPC (non-player character) just say the line “Slow down.”

Sounds like this:

That’s what I need to do.

Nicolette and I are so busy, on the run, always somewhere to be, and she’s WAY better than me at slowing down, being at rest, and calm.  Stop and smell the roses.  Be in the moment.  Observe.  It’s such a simple concept, but incredibly easy to forget, especially for me.  Netflix, movies, iPhones, iPads, computers, PS4s, and other distractions take up so much of my precious time that I fail to use that time properly and in a meaningful way.

I need to be with Nicolette more, laugh with her more, and experience things that we’ve never gotten to do before.  When you live with someone as amazing as her, and see her everyday right in front of your face, it’s easy to forget and overlook how absolutely extraordinary she is.  You could own the most beautiful painting ever created and hang it in your living room, but after seeing it everyday for years, it’s easy to fall into the habit of not appreciating it as much as it deserves.  I’m the luckiest man on the planet, married above my class, and hit it out of the park with her.  It’s about time that I remember that.

I need to spend more time with my parents and find out more about their lives growing up before me.  Their time when I was in the oven, their stresses, hopes and dreams, regrets…I don’t know enough about them.  I’ve been alive for 34 years, spoken countless words to them, and yet there are times when I sit down and realize that there is so much about them that I am horribly unaware of.

I need to see my niece, Ava, 10, and nephew, Jack, 7, more before they grow out of wanting to see me and hang out with me.  Being with the young makes you feel younger, and there’s never a moment with them where I don’t marvel at something they do, or say, and even though I’m sure I’ll never stop marveling, it’s about time that I enjoy being their Uncle Jesse more. (I get to choose between Dukes of Hazzard Uncle Jesse and Full House Uncle Jesse)

Not bad company to be in…

Whoa…that’s some heavy stuff, at least until it went off the rails at the end there.  On to the second less incredibly soul-searching and emotional part!

A new goal for this year is to read more.  Read more books, more magazines, more newspapers, more blogs (start one up!  I’ll read it religiously!), etc.  I started a “reading challenge” on Goodreads to read 20 books in 2015 (I think I set it up in September though, so I didn’t give myself much leeway in terms of my habits to that point) and ended up getting 11 done.  So I figure if I can do 11 in three months, I can knock out 40 or so in 2016 if I am diligent.  I’ve got an insane backlog of books that I’ve collected from bookstores, yard sales, and friends over the years that it’s time to start doing something about getting them read.  If only so that I can empty the bookcase, and fill it with the hundreds that are sleeping in cardboard boxes up in the attic!

There are so many amazing worlds, fantastic writing and stories, and colorful characters just sitting there on a shelf in my room or in a stack on the floor by my desk or supporting my computer monitors, alarm clock and lamp on my nightstand.  I find myself looking at them sometimes and thinking, “that book was probably so excited when I bought it, just like I was.  Now it’s probably incredibly depressed at the fact that my bedside lamp has been sitting on it for ten months.”  I need to free my books from the prisons I’ve sentenced them too.  (Don’t even get me started on my Kindle backlog.  Signing up for the daily Kindle deal email from Amazon has been the bane of my existence.)

What are you aiming for in 2016?

Happy New Year, everyone!


Author: irunjt

Physical Education teacher. There's really too much to explain in this little box. You'll just have to follow along on the blog. :)

2 thoughts on “Resolutions…”

  1. To the best Uncle Jesse on this planet….I’m not sure there ever will be a time when they don’t love hanging out by your side! Although I regret there not being more get togethers, I still to this day relish the time spent with my Uncle Bryant. I feel like he is one of the true “keepers” of my youth….a person who truly knew who I was in my most innocent years and still knows and loves me today. I know that 25 years from now Ava will be on a life path of her own and will think back to her times wth you as some of the best. I also think she will be even more diligent than I am to call, text, FaceTime (or whatever other technology comes out) to keep you and Aunt NaNa connected to her adventures and asking your advice. We love you lots and wish you luck in 2016, 2031, and beyond!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always say that it amazes me how much I love those two kids, like they are my own. Then I’m terrified to think that, “wait, I can love someone even more?!” when I think about Nic and I having children.

      They will forever be precious to me, that’s for sure!


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