How do you stay motivated?

I’m finding lately that I have far less drive than I’m used to.  Is it the winter doldrums? (Even though our weather has been pretty decent this year, and downright awesome compared to this time last year).  Is it monotony?  Should I try to change up my routine?  I like to think I normally carry around a full tank of enthusiasm, but right now, I feel like I need a pit-stop.

As it stands, I get up at 6:30 A.M.  I don’t have to be to work until 8:15 A.M.  I usually make my coffee/breakfast, watch some Mike and Mike on ESPN or watch a show that I DVR’d, and generally ease into my morning.  Head to work, do my thing, and right now am home around 3 P.M.  (That’ll change when track season starts).

What happens after that?  Lately, a whole lot of nothing, except for sporadic exceptions.  Depending on what Nicolette has going on, I might spend some time on the computer, with Netflix, playing some video games, etc.  Earlier last week though I found out that I weigh more than I ever have (168 lbs, not by like 10 pounds or anything, but 3 or so, which turned out maybe to be water-weight as the very next day I weighed 165), and started doing a half-hour of biking on a recumbent bike in the basement with either a book, Hearthstone, or Netflix/YouTube in front of me.  I would do this around 8 P.M., shower around 8:45-9:00, and then chill for the rest of the night before bed.

This does leave less time for doing things around the house.  I have plenty of stuff that needs to get fixed/de-cluttered/sorted/put away, tossed, etc. I guess lately the problem I’m having is fitting all that in.  Not-enough-hours-in-the-day syndrome.  We bought a house that was built in 1937, and I would describe slightly above the level of “fixer-upper”.  So there is a decent-sized list of things on that “To-Do” list.

What’s the solution?

Brainstormed changes:

-Get up earlier, at 5:45 or 6 A.M., and hop right on the bike.  Shower, get coffee/breakfast going by 6:45?  Work, get home, then have the rest of the night to divvy up for the other stuff?  Maybe alternate the morning workout between the bike and some yoga?

-That’s as far as I got when it comes to possible changes. 🙂

I would probably have to go to bed a little earlier for this change, but as it stands, I’m usually in bed by 11 for the 6:30 alarm.  So, 7.5 hours-ish there.  To get the same amount getting up at 5:45, that means bed would have to be 10:15.

The other worry is, how is this new routine going to make me feel once track starts and I’m not getting home from practice until 5:30-6-ish?  That’s twelve hours awake with little to no sit-down and breathe time.  Do I come home, eat dinner, and then jump into the de-cluttering/fixing mode?  Go by a minute to minute itinerary?  (Kind of takes the fun out of it, no?  “Well, it’s 8:15, have to stop watching this show we DVR’d that has 8 minutes left because this is my laundry time!”)  When do I get to sit down with Nic and just be with her?  It definitely seems like the days shrink pretty quickly…

…and we don’t even have kids yet.  Dear Lord.

Trying to find a balance between work/play/household maintenance seems like a pretty tricky thing.  It’s like balancing spinning plates on sticks.  I could throw my attention into the first two, and then the third ends up falling and breaking.

So what are your secrets?  How do you budget your time in this day where we’re so beholden to the clock?  Share your advice!


Author: irunjt

Physical Education teacher. There's really too much to explain in this little box. You'll just have to follow along on the blog. :)

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