Time to purge the DVD collection…

My friends and I used to go on “DVD-runs”.  We basically had a circuit of 4-5 flea-market/video rental places we’d scour for used DVDs.  This run consisted of driving to all of them to see what kind of cinematic treasures we could unearth.  At its peak, my DVD collection sat above 500.  Over the last two years, I’ve purged parts of it for our annual yard sale.  I have no idea what the current count sits at.

I came up with an idea the other day after it occurred to me that I hadn’t really watched parts of my DVD collection since the last “purge”.  I decided that you and I are going to go on a quest, of sorts.  Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBOGo, etc., have left me without the need for such a substantial DVD collection.  So, inspired by my friend’s awesome vlog The Rock Movie Project (rockmovieproject.com, on hiatus due to a couple of wonderful children!), I am going to go through and watch our DVD collection from A-Z, write-up a little blog post about the movie, and decide if it will continue to live with Nicolette and I or if I am going to kick it out of the nest to go live with someone who will pay $2 (or less, the more DVDs you buy) at our yard sale for it.

Now, I don’t anticipate this being a daily movie-watching thing, but if I’m feeling especially binge-worthy, I could possibly knock out a few on a rainy day this summer.  I’ll have to get a full count before I start, and get everything neatly into alphabetical order.  I plan on skipping over any television seasons I own and doing more of a spur of the moment decision on their fates.

It also happens that some of the DVDs in our collection technically belong to Nicolette.  I imagine she’ll be sitting in with me on those and making (at least) 50 percent of the decision on the keep or peace out for them.

So keep an eye out for posts coming soon regarding the fate of the individual pieces of my DVD collection.  Maybe you can even call dibs on some before they hit the yard sale!



Author: irunjt

Physical Education teacher. There's really too much to explain in this little box. You'll just have to follow along on the blog. :)

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